Paul’s 528 healing frequency is changing the way I treat patients. It helps them in almost any situation - acute or chronic conditions.

I have known for awhile that music is healing but Paul Edge takes this to the next level. Using specific frequencies to retune the consciousness to focus on BEing instead of stuck in one’s story. 

I recently used this music to help a patient who tried to commit suicide. It got her out of her anxious, self-questioning, destructive behavior and into one of peace, rest and being; without fear. IT TRUELY was remarkable. I have been a doctor for a long time and have worked in the Hospital setting including the ICU, a free clinic in the Peruvian Amazon, the Mexican Red Cross, Pain and Wellness Clinics and Integrated Medical Clinics. This is a remarkable tool is helping people unconsciously overcome the issues they are facing. 

I can not speak highly enough about Paul Edge and rarely have met someone with such a firm understanding of consciousness, the unconscious, and frequency and uses them together to help people achieve the goal of presence and self-love. It is truly remarkable.
— Dr. Brian Manjarres MD -


-The Sound of Love

and Miracles -

The Story Behind The Track

This piece took 4 years to finish. As Paul tells it, "it was given to me at a time I needed it, the creation process carried me through an incredibly traumatic time in my life. My only solace at the time was disappearing inside myself and allowing my unconscious mind to heal me through sound and frequency. At times of despair, I recorded, at times of overwhelming hopelessness, I recorded, it was all I could do to neutralize the incessant pain. The more I listened, the more I felt peace and love from a place I cannot describe with words. As I saw close up the power of what had been given to me, not just on a personal level but with those that I love the most, I realized that it was my moral responsibility to make this a gift to whomever requested it"


The 528 - The Sound of Love and Miracles has subsequently helped many people across the globe who are going through emotional pain or physical sickness. Two powerful testimonies have been included below. The piece has also been used by those who meditate resulting in powerful life changing experiences. 

If you are experiencing any kind of personal challenges, be they financial, physical or emotional, then we offer this piece as a tool to help.

Peace and Love

The Frequency Tribe


Important - Instructions

The download is in wav format, please do not convert to MP3 as it reduces its effectiveness dramatically. Listening daily for at least 3 months appears from anecdotal feedback to produce the most dramatic effect. However, when needed the frequency acts quicker.

The track does not need to be listened through headphones, although for meditation purposes that is the preferred way. Because of the range of sound, playing through a real sound system with proper speakers again is essential. Listening through the speakers contained on a person`s cell phone is again not recommended.

The track does not need to be played loudly, simply having it as background music is equally effective.

Finally, an important caveat. This piece is as it came through. It is not pop music that a person sings along to. 

“I consider Paul Edge to be my brother in Light.

He possesses such empathy towards others. I met him through his music. Without ever meeting him in person. There was such a depth to the sounds he chose to use and I just needed to know more. At the Time I was going through a very rough period of my Life. I messaged Paul and we began to talk about healing frequencies and how beneficial they are to humanity. I have heard of them but never really consciously utilized them on any level. He then invited me to listen to other songs which used some of these healing frequencies. At the Time I was living out of boxes sleeping on a friend’s couch.

As I listened I can say that my Thoughts began to focus not on my situation but on all of the things I could do to fix it. For me it was through my artwork. I currently live in my own home and I Feel that my Thoughts continue to remain so focused that I tend not to see the problem but the solution to all I encounter.

I am very thankful for Paul and I do believe in the power or positive frequencies and their impact on how we cognate. We are all vibrations of some sort and by adjusting these vibrations I do believe we can definitely make change for the better. He is on to something fantastic. I am honored to be a part of something so amazing.

You are a Star brother. “

— E.Daniel.Reeves - NYC



I also played the 528 track called “Miracle Frequency” composed by DJ and sound master Paul Edge

In no more than 5 minutes after I started playing it in the ICU hospital room, he started to shift. ✨He had not been strong or healed enough to able to cough the phlegm up out of his lungs, however, in this moment he started coughing and coughing and coughing. So much so that they needed to do a lung treatment.

This was the turn around. 
— -Viraja Prema - Encinitas